Ever wanted to know which Orli character you would most likely want to be with?

1. His friends are:

new mate he sprung out of jail and his shipmates
all in the army
dwarfs, humans, elves, and hobbits
people he grew up with and some new celeb buds.

2. Time era you live in:

17th century
every era
present day

3. The worst thing he can do to you is:

not telling you his ture feelings out right
Die on a mission
Leave you at home while on a long journey.
Not call you every night that he is away (you know while all the girls are throwing themselves at him).

4. When looking for love you....
a no one in my life but you thing
want someone to come home after a long day.
want it to be all around good, because you will be with him...... FOREVER.
need to "get away" with him, because of hectic life styles.

5. Is hair important to you?

Yes, must have sholder leigh silky brown hair
A little but I can live with a crew cut
Yes, I need the long blonde hair on my guy!
I don't mind either way, I like a guy who changes styles once in a while.

6. you want to live:

in the Caribbean
Somewhere secure and safe
in the woods, and then off to the sea
Either in Britain or in Southern California.

7. Style is important, so you want a guy who is....

Comfortable and with that centery but sexy
Some what earthy colors, simple, guyish.
Sporting the Elvish clothing
Sometimes tacky, but it is very cute.

8. In the end you'd rather have a guy who is...
Honest and True
Idolized and loved by millions!