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Welcome to Orliness! A fansite dedicated to the actor and humanitarian Orlando Bloom. You might reconize him from many blockbuster hits such as The lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean Series, Kindom of Heaven, Troy, Elizabethtown, and many other popular movies.

Have some to submit? Photos, news, articles, or fan work? Feel free to send them in! All contributions are greatly appreciated! Full credit will be given to anything submitted. Please have a look around the site and enjoy!!

- Ashley (Webmistress)
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New York, I Love You
Role: David
Status: Compeleted
Type: Film
Out: TBA on DVD(USA)
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Plot: Based on the same idea as Paris, je t’aime, about 10 different love stores.
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Sympathy for Delicious
Role: Lead singer in a band
Status: Post-Production
Type: Film
Out: N/A
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Plot: A newly paralyzed DJ gets more than he bargained for when he seeks out the world of faith healing.(credit: IMDB)
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Main Street
Role: Policeman
Status: Filming
Type: Film
Out: TBA
Genre: Drama
Plot: Residents of a small town are shaken up when a stranger comes into town
Fools Rush In
Role: Brian
Status: Pre-Production
Type: Film
Out: 2010(USA)
Genre: Drama
Plot: Set in the 1990s war in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Name: Orlando Jonathan Blanchard Bloom
Nicknames: Orli, OB
Date of Birth: 13th January 1977
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Height: 5'10" (180 cm)
Location of Birth: Canterbury, Kent
Parents: Mother, Sister, and Father, Harry Bloom, passed away in 1981 when Orlando was 4 :( For more info concerning his father, see below.
Siblings: sister: Samantha, two years older
Education: Primary and Secondary Education, two seasons at National Youth Theatre, scholarship at British American Drama Academy, Guildhall School of Music and Drama
Relationship Status: single
Pets: A dog, Maude- I heard he had to give his dog away.
Hobbies: Extreme sports (surfing, bungie jumping, skydiving, skiing/snowboarding and paragliding), sculpture, photography and driving.
Favorite color: Yellow
Favorite Movie: Stand By Me. Also likes The Hustler and Amelie
Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, Edward Norton, Paul Newman, and Daniel Day-Lewis
Favorite Foods: Pasta, pizza, oatmeal, rice and baked potatoes, mint chocolate chip ice cream
Favorite Type of Girls: Blondes. Nice, sweet girls. Although he recently said “But actually I can't say either, because I'd take both.”
First Job: A clay trapper at a pigeon shooting range when he was 13.
First Car: A darkgreen VW Golf that cost 160 Pounds ($230).
First Hollywood Crush: Linda Evans on Dynasty.
First Concert: Jamiroquai in Canterbury.

Orlando Bloom grew up in Canterbury Kent with his older sister and his mom. His mother encourages both kids to participate in the Kent Festival. Orlando started to recite poetry and prose, but his biggest influence was the theater.

When Orlando was 16 years old, he moved to London, and performed with the National Youth Theatre. He was there for two years before he won a scholarship to train at the British American Drama Academy.

He got to play lead in A Walk in the Vienna Woods, and later on got small roles on British television, as well as an appearence in Wilde.

Orlando enrolled at Guildhall School of Music and Drama, there he acted in many plays, such as: Twelf Night, Three Sisters and Antigone.

Tragity struck when Orlando fell two stories and broke his back, while trying to make it onto a friend's rooftop terrace. He was almost paralyzed, but the sugery was a success and he walked out of the hospital on crutches. "I broke my back," recalls Bloom. "I [fell] out of a window...some friends had a roof terrace on the landing below their apartment, and I fell off the drain pipe. It gave way, actually, and I fell three floors. I was told I might not walk again. So, for about four days, I was contemplating that as a serious part of reality. Then they operated, and I walked out of the hospital in about 12 days."

Shorty after his recovery, he tried out for the role of Faramir, a character in the epic trilogy The Lord of the Rings (intoduced in The Two Towers). Peter Jackson (director) did not cast him as Faramir, rather he asked Orlando to read a part for Legolas Greenleaf, a more prominent role, featured in all three films. Peter offered him the role a few weeks later, two days before he graduated from drama school.

After he finished filming The Lord of the Rings (three films), Orlando went to Morocco to play Todd Blackburn, in Black Hawk Down, a character that breaks his back after falling 70 feet from a helicopter.

- His father, Harry Bloom, died when Orlando was 4 and was a legendary figure in antiapartheid circles in South Africa. Harry also wrote a famous tome called Episode In The Transvaal, was jailed for his beliefs, and worked alongside Nelson Mandela. Orlando and his sister were raised by their mother, Sonia, and a guardian, Colin Stone. When Orlando was 13, his mother told him that Harry was not his biological father, that Colin was.

- Deed Poll and Lullaby of Clubland Controversy: Andre Schneider has confessed on his Yahoo Group that he does not know Orlando, and that he made up the movie "Lullaby of Clubland" (along with the accompanying websites). Obviously, "Deed Poll" also never existed, since you can't work on a movie with someone you've never met. These two movies have been a large source of speculation for almost two years, and have been printed as fact in magazine and web articles. Although it is good to finally know the truth, it is really stupid that some one would do something like this just to gain attention, while in the process spreading false information about Orlando and alienating some of his fans. I guess the only thing to learn from this is to trust Orlando, with his film choices and with what comes out of his own mouth.

- Has a tattoo of 'nine' in Elvish on his right forearm, and a sun on his torso that he got when he was 15.

- He can speak French. He used to vaction there when he was younger.

- He has A-levels in theatre, photography and sculpture.

- As a kid, he was dyslexic, and now he says he is "mildly dyslexic".

- He was not named after a character in a Virginia Woolf novel. "The name Orlando Gibbons was floating around when I was younger," he says, apparently referring to the long-ago English composer.

- He is not a vegetarian. "I've tried lots of different things. When you're working on a film, food is like a fuel. It can help you out or, if you indulge, it can get in the way. While making Lord of the Rings, I would get tired after lunch. I ate so much, it knocked me out. So I didn't eat meat. I stopped drinking milk. I wasn't strict, I was just trying to find out what was right. I went to see a guy for my back. He said he had been a vegetarian for 25 years, but he went back to eating one piece of meat every couple of weeks. Because of his blood type, he needed it. I was getting sick with the flu and feeling rundown. So I tried having steak and I wasn't ill anymore."

- The quote "Frankly, if I get the chance to kiss someone in a movie, they wouldn't need to pay me at all." That is a lie. Bloom: "First of all, I've never said that. Can you imagine?"

- To remember his experience from "The Lord of the Rings", he has a ring with an elven inscription reading "to wherever it may lead" and an tatto in elvish script of the number nine on his forearm, in addition to an already existing sun on his torso( he got when he was 15)

- He didn't get into acting for the women(just a web rumor). He just liked to preform from an eary age.

- Orlando supposedly smells like Obsession by Calvin Klein. Quote: “He smells like his name and the way he looks”

- His sister used to dress him up when he was little.

- Quote from Orlando about him being an adrenaline-junkie: “Only yesterday I wanted to buy myself a motorcycle, but I didn’t because I know I will become too dangerous for myself on it."