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Welcome to Orliness! A fansite dedicated to the actor and humanitarian Orlando Bloom. You might reconize him from many blockbuster hits such as The lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean Series, Kindom of Heaven, Troy, Elizabethtown, and many other popular movies.

Have some to submit? Photos, news, articles, or fan work? Feel free to send them in! All contributions are greatly appreciated! Full credit will be given to anything submitted. Please have a look around the site and enjoy!!

- Ashley (Webmistress)
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Current Projects

New York, I Love You
Role: David
Status: Compeleted
Type: Film
Out: TBA on DVD(USA)
Genre: Romance/Comedy
Plot: Based on the same idea as Paris, je t’aime, about 10 different love stores.
More info || IMDB || Trailer
Sympathy for Delicious
Role: Lead singer in a band
Status: Post-Production
Type: Film
Out: N/A
Genre: Comedy/Drama
Plot: A newly paralyzed DJ gets more than he bargained for when he seeks out the world of faith healing.(credit: IMDB)
More info || IMDB
Main Street
Role: Policeman
Status: Filming
Type: Film
Out: TBA
Genre: Drama
Plot: Residents of a small town are shaken up when a stranger comes into town
Fools Rush In
Role: Brian
Status: Pre-Production
Type: Film
Out: 2010(USA)
Genre: Drama
Plot: Set in the 1990s war in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Orliness is not an official Orlando Bloom site. This site is in no way affiliated with Orlando or his management. I am NOT Orlando Bloom and do not know him personally or in contact with him. This site was created out of love for Orlando Bloom and his work. If you have any questions or concers about the site, please contact me. All graphics are © 2001-2009 to Ashley. Please do not copy etc.

Orlando Dreams

Have you had any Orlando related dreams? Well share it with us!

[ Aly ] I had a very wierd dream that his car broke down outside of my house and so he stayed with us and we became good friend and I got to go to a premiere.


[ Hill ] I had this dream where my dad took me and my two other friends to burger king during school (why? i do not know). Anyway, we got there and got some hamburgers, cokes, and french fries. He forgot the way back, so he kept driving and driving. The next thing we know we are on the set of pirates III. So we get out of the car and talk to a guard standing at the frount gate. The guard said, "well you are on the set of pirates III." My friends and I screamed and giggled with excitement. He said we had to leave right away, but as he said that I felt someone tap my shoulder. I turned around and it was Keria Knightnly. She said, "hi, um I was wondering if I could have your burgerking. I'm really hungery from filming all day." I, still amazed, said, " sure, if you take my friends and me to meet Orlando Bloom, Johnny Depp, and Gore Verbinski." she said yes and took us on the set!! The next thing I knew, we were all sitting at a table eating dinner in a fancy place and I was sitting next to Orlando Bloom!!!!! As soon as our meal was over, he offered us tickets to the premiere!! I gladly took them, as he hugged me and kissed my cheek!!! Best dream of my life!!!


[ Jess ] I had a dream that they were filming 'potc 2' on this wooden ship, and you could go and watch, so we were sitting there and then everyone got in the way, so we had to go to this cabin at the back of the ship, which had my maths class in and Orlando was teaching them, and we sat down, did some work and stuff, and then I had to go and get Orlando to check it, and (honestly, this is true) there was a squirrel under his desk, it bit me on the foot and I kicked it out the window, and then Orlando asked me 'why did you do that to my squirrel?'.