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Welcome to Orliness! A fansite dedicated to the actor and humanitarian Orlando Bloom. You might reconize him from many blockbuster hits such as The lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean Series, Kindom of Heaven, Troy, Elizabethtown, and many other popular movies.

Have some to submit? Photos, news, articles, or fan work? Feel free to send them in! All contributions are greatly appreciated! Full credit will be given to anything submitted. Please have a look around the site and enjoy!!

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Johnny Depp voted UKs favorite actor over Orlando

i know its been such a long time since i last posted but alot of sad stuff has been goin on in my personal life that was keepin me away from the site.  Ashley, being the understandin person that she is, told me to take my time, so i did that but i know i cant neglect the site forever so here’s some news for you guys.


Johnny Depp was voted in a poll as the UKs favorite actor over Daniel Craig(who reportedly cut off the tip of his finger on the set of the new ‘Bond’ movie), Sirs Anthony Hopkins & Sean Connery, and our fave elf Orlando.  sux i know but the weird thing is, Johnny isnt even British!!!  congrats Johnny!!!

sources: Celebrity Cafe; News Line 365

One Response to “Johnny Depp voted UKs favorite actor over Orlando”

  1. you-posted-it-2-days-ago:D Says:

    oooh :D
    That’s cool you know. I love Johnny Depp (and Orlando, of course). He’s (or they’re) awesome!
    I remember that I read once that Johnny is Orli’s favorite actor. Woo-hoo!

    I know it’s weird but.. it makes me happy it is as it is.

    anyway, I agree with Ashley. I have no idea what happend, but hey, you’ll get over it. For sure.
    but I will be here , waiting for new updates.

    Have a nice day. <:

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